Wedding Season!

In a pie-in-the-sky world, there would be nothing but birthdays, graduations, weddings and other occasions of full, plenty and completion to commemorate.

Here at Petsi Pies we are here to help you embrace the gift of pie!

Embrace the season with fruit from the grove: delicious summer Peach Pie

Or the fleeting blossom of the vine: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Whether your wedding is in the Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall it would be a privilege to send along bountiful pies to mark the start of your journey. To inquire about having Petsi Pies on your special day, email or stop by our Beacon Street location.

A labor of love, honest and unapologetic, requiring no extra adornment, only communion.

Photos courtesy of Jillyan Pace. Petsi Pies Lead Pie Baker and recent Bride!
Congratulations Jill, we love you!

Photos taken by Regina Tamburro:

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