Post Thanksgiving thoughts

First off, a great big THANKS to all who came and supported us in our Thanksgiving frenzy here at the bakery.  We loved seeing you all and, even more, getting to be part of your holiday dessert table…And breakfast table too we hope–I don’t know about you but I definitely enjoyed a nice fat slice of cherry pie on Friday morning.

Another thanks goes out to all the Petsi-Piers who worked their butts off all week long, congratulations on making a 12 hour work day feel like an easy day.  All the fun starts after the 14th hour anyway..  You were all so very awesome and made the week simply breeze on by so much that I’m already looking forward to next year?

Looking forward, the next set of holidays is quickly approaching.  We are currently dreaming up a delicious winter menu.  Thinking about plum gingerbread and blackberry & blood orange galette.  mmm.  Find the menu here soon!

One last thing!  Have you seen our all star intern Teeny on Huffington Post?  She is wrapping up her Somerville leg of her Tour of Pie and, while sad to see her go, we are so glad to have met her.  Go check out her story and donate if you can, she’s got a long haul ahead.

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