Pi(e) Day! 3.14.14

Pi day, or better known as ‘Pie’ day, is fast approaching!

We here at Petsi Pies will be celebrating with a good ole fashion free pie competition starting at 1:59pm! Hint: (pi is 3.14159)

As we do every year, we will be hosting an opportunity to challenge yourself and flex your brain in a recitation of the Pi digits. Last year the competition got pretty fierce so we have increased the challenge starting at 1:59pm.

For a free Cutie Pie we ask that you verbally recite 10 digits of Pi
For a free large Pie we ask that you verbally recite 314 digits of Pi*
For a free Pie per Season gift card (four pies total) we ask that you verbally recite 628 digits of Pi*

At 1:59pm you can attempt to recite the digits as many times as you like. So if at first you don’t succeed, feel free to try and try again.

We ask that you don’t use the gift certificate on the same day as the competition, as we have several large orders to fill that day.

In addition to the festivities here at the bakery we will be taking orders for our large 10″ pies so that you might host your own celebrations!

The Pi day menu is as follows:
Banana Cream
Classic Apple
Cherry Crumb
Bourbon Chocolate Pecan
Key Lime
Mississippi Mud
Mixed Berry
Brown Butter Pecan
Apple Crumb

March 14th is an exciting day here at Petsi Pies and we look forward to seeing you. We are excited to pass out some free pies for all of you that are willing to accept the challenge!

Below is a link for a Somerville Neighborhood News Production based on our Pi Day Event!

News caster Jane Regan stopped by to check out the challenge! Somerville News Broadcast click here.

Local resident and videographer Frank Solensky also featured out Pi Day event on his Youtube Channel. Take a look here!


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